Current Porfolio

Current Portfolio

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Cancer molecular diagnostics for early screening and diagnosis. Colofast: best in class blood...

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Aglaris Cell

Developing a cell expansion platform for automated mesenquimal and T-cell culture...

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First-in-class, innovative therapeutics for the treatment of Rare and Ultra-Rare Diseases.

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Additum Blockchain

Exploring blockchain technology to improve efficiency, safety and patient value based healthcare.

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Blood based biomarkers for early diagnosis of Alzheimer Disease. First product APOE4 test.

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The company designs, manufactures and sells a proprietary portfolio of innovative...

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Developing a proprietary technology with subfemtogram ultrasensibility for protein...

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OWL Metabolomics

Metabolomic platform with first marketed non invasive diagnostic LDT for NASH.

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dedicated PET & Molecular Imaging for Breast Cancer, Neurodegeneration and Surgery.

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Venter Pharma

Market stage diagnostic drug for hypolactasia.

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Green Molecular

Pterostilbene formulations for derma and oncology

Historical Portfolio

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Health In Code

Market stage company focused on molecular genetic diagnosis of familial cardiac diseases.

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Iden Technologies

Proprietary technology platform for the evelopment of biostimulants and biopesticides.

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TCD Pharma

First in class small molecule for the targeted treatment of solid tumors.

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nLife Therapeutics

Discovery and development of oligonucleotides as therapeutic agents.

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Raman Health Technologies

New non invasive diagnostic technology platform based on Raman laser and Infrarred...

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