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Bilbao (Spain), Press Release, December 01, 2016 – One Way Liver S.L. (OWL Metabolomics), a leader in the field of metabolomics focused on development of innovative diagnostic tests for common liver diseases, strengthens its position in NASH and NAFLD non-invasive diagnosis during The AASLD Liver Meeting®, the main worldwide meeting for the hepatology community, which took place in Boston from November 10th to 14th.

A full auditorium attended the oral communication “Metabolomics in a liquid biopsy provides a noninvasive comprehensive NAFLD-diagnostic tool”, presented by collaborator Dr. Puneet Puri from Virginia Commonwealth University, and covering our latest research regarding serum and plasma metabolomic analyses for resolving diagnostic questions in NAFLD management, specifically the differentiation between NAFLD and controls, assessment of steatosis severity, distinction between fatty liver and NASH, and identification of the presence of any fibrosis or advanced fibrosis in NAFLD. It is noteworthy that this work was mentioned by Professor Arun Sanyal in the hepatology briefing closing the meeting.

Furthermore, OWL sponsored a successful working-dinner program which reviewed the latest clinical developments in fatty liver disease etiology and diagnosis, as well as regulatory pathways for diagnostic modalities for NASH.

Last but not least, this meeting has shown again to be an incredible framework for closing deals with pharmaceutical companies in strong positions for NASH and NAFLD treatment.

About OWL Metabolomics

OWL Metabolomics is a biotechnology company committed to the identification, validation and global commercialization of novel diagnostic assays for the liver and other prevalent human diseases, including the identification of potential therapeutic targets involved in the development of such diseases. Since its inception in 2002, OWL has pioneered unique diagnostic research within the fatty liver space, a field of considerable focus in new drug development.

The ‘OWLiver’ and ‘OWLiver Care’ assays are the world's first metabolomics-based in-vitro tests for diagnosing NASH and hepatic steatosis (NAFLD), respectively, using micro-blood samples (<0.2 ml) versus today's diagnostic gold-standard which mandates an invasive liver biopsy.

OWL Metabolomics is a privately-held company based in Derio, Spain. Its main partner is the venture capital management firm CRB Inverbio. OWL Metabolomics collaborates globally with hospitals, liver research centers, biotechnology groups and the pharmaceutical industry.


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