Differential value

In Spain, Biotech companies specialized in life Sciences are underfinanced compared to its European or US peers. This is due to the limited private capital available for investment in the industry. There are also other reasons:


  • No investment tradition in biotech or life science among private investors.
  • Very few specialized VCs operating in the Spanish market
  • Bank financing for biotech is practically inexistent.
  • Most public funds are in the form of grants or loans providing limited opportunities for leverage.
  • Though this may probably change in the next few years, so far there have been few operations by European VCs in Spain’s biotech industry.


Although as a strategy CRB Inverbío will seek to attract other investors to its participated companies, it is important to ensure that the new Fund has resources to support its investments throughout successive investment follow-on rounds if necessary.

CRB Inverbío has the experience and know how in the Spanish venture capital market specialized in life sciences of the Management Team, led by Enrique Castellón that adds value since the beginning.

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