CRB Inverbío

Cross Road Biotech Inversiones Biotecnológicas (CRB Inverbío SGEIC SA) is a venture capital management firm registered with number 87 in the CNMV. CRB Inverbío manages Venture Capital Firms that invest in the development of seed stage companies in life sciences that address unmet medical needs and have the potential to grow into successful businesses. To that end, the company selects innovative projects led by prestigious scientists and entrepreneurs, providing financing, management support and strategic advice.

CRB Inverbío is based upon the expertise and successful track record in continuous value creation of Cross Road Biotech, a Spanish venture capital firm that has invested and managed fourteen biotech companies since 2005. CRB Inverbío has a unique competitive advantage: the expertise, analytical capabilities and commitment to succeed of the management team: a key element to build highly successful businesses and maximize the returns to the investors.



CRB Inverbío manages Funds and Venture Capital Firms specialized in life sciences.    

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